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Traditional Southern Gospel Music underwent a popularity surge in the 1990s due to the efforts of Bill and Gloria Gaither and their Gaither Homecoming tours and videos, which began as a reunion of many of the best known and loved Southern Gospel Music individuals in 1991. Thanks to the Homecoming series, Southern Gospel Music has fans across the United States and the world. Most Southern Gospel songs are patterned after traditional Southern Gospel as they maintain a clear evangelistic and testimonial slant. Southern Gospel devotees view lyrics and musical style as the factors for applying the Southern Gospel label to a song. With some exceptions, most Southern Gospel songs would not be classified as Praise and Worship using todays classification. Not many Southern Gospel songs are sung "to" God as opposed to "about" God.  Conversly, Southern Gospel lyrics typically present the Christian message unlike Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) which has "double meaning" lyrics, which could be interpreted as being about a devout love for God or an earthly love for a man or woman.

Southern Gospel Music is worship as it glorifies God. It represents your desire to pursue his ways and uplifts the God of the Universe. What you think, where your heart is, the adulation you give to God, is worship.

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